Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes

is the first American artist ever invited to exhibit solo at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, where his sculptures remain on permanent exhibit. His work has gained notice also among some of the world's peacemakers. Nobel prize winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter are among Holmes' best-known collectors along with many other international figures such as Vaclav Havel, Coretta Scott King and Mrs. Anwar Sadat. Holmes has created art for many humanitarian projects such as the Physicians for Social Responsibility, PeaceLinks and the South African bid for the 2004 Olympics. Recently he created the United Nations Peace Prize for Women, awarded to heroines working to bridge conflicts the world over.

Following the Tiananmen Sq. massacre in China in 1989 Holmes was commissioned by the China Information Center to create a sculpture to commemorate that event and raise money to get the true account past Chinese official censors through to the citizens in what has become known as “the first FAX revolution in history”.

Holmes exhibits in American museums and galleries across the U.S. and some locations in Europe but often prefers exhibiting his work in venues outside the standard art world. He has shown work in prominent cathedrals such as the National Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

He also speaks and teaches broadly on art, spirituality and transformation in addresses from the International Arts Movement in New York to Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C. to Marianne Williamson’s Unity Church in Detroit.

Though Holmes is most well known for sculpture, he has worked in a variety of media from museum installation to recent experiments in new media. His work primarily focuses on the human form, on the gesture as expression of greater human themes: the struggle for freedom, horror at inner and outer evils, the ferocity of hopelessness, the tenderness of love. Each sculpture tells a story in muscle and metaphor, in gesture and meaning at once earthly and deeply spiritual. His more recent works address his fascination with beauty as a force in life-both mysterious and terrible, where, in the words of Dostoevsky, "God and the Devil are fighting...and the battlefield is the heart of man."

Holmes is also a member of the political satire and comedy group the Montana Logging and Ballet Co., which has performed around the US since 1976. He serves as a member of the Montana Arts Council.

Comprehensive Exhibition History

(All one-person shows except where noted)

“Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate,” originated by Tim Holmes., curated by Katie Knight,
        Gottheif Gallery, San Diego, CA (group show).
"Blue Bills: Money for a Clean World", Dist. 78 Interstate Toastmasters Conference; Tim Holmes Studio, Helena, MT

"Body Psalms: The Future Body", a multi-media performance art piece, Myrna Loy Center, Helena, MT
"Montana Triennial 2012", Missoula Museum of Art, Missoula, MT (group show)
"The Body Psalms Project", screening/discussion, Livingston Center for Art and Culture, Livingston, MT
"Body Psalms: The Cultural Trance", Pink Gloves Western States Conference, Butte, MT

“Duende”, installation/performance, Tim Holmes Studio, Helena, MT
“Language of the Heart”, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT
“The Moving Art of Tim Holmes”, documentary screening and exhibition, Myrna Loy Center, Helena, MT
The Inquisition of Don Miguel, (set design: 16 x 20 ft. book) , Ballet Montana, Helena, MT
Dangerous Books, L&C County Library, Helena, MT
Sensuous Mysticism, Queen Beads Gallery, Helena, MT


“Dancing Sculptures, Tim Holmes Meets Brecht Meets Brancusi”, Pygmalion Theater, Vienna, Austria
“Tim Holmes Bronze and Painting”, Pygmalion Theater, Vienna, Austria
Holmes and Brancusi Sculptures, Romanian National Theater, Bucharest, Romania

“Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate,” originated by Tim Holmes., curated by Katie Knight, 
    touring Montana museums through 2010, then on to national tour. (group show)
“The Dancing World Paintings”, Career Women's Network of Austria, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria
Artists-in-Residence Art Exhibit, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.  (group show)
“Body Psalms Project”, Paris Gibson Museum of Art, Gt. Falls, MT
"Body Psalms" workshop/ performance, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.
"Tim Holmes Bronzes", Weiman Gallery, Washington D.C.
Body Psalms screening, Faith Renaissance Center, Alexandria, VA
“The Christian Vine” Father Elias Chacour sculpture presentation Indianapolis, IN
“Flesh and Spirit” Spokane Art School, Spokane, WA
“Body Psalms Context Performance”, Holter Museum oF Art/St. Paul's UMChurch, Helena, MT
 “Image and Transformation,” Flatiron Gallery, Billings, MT
 Governor’s Exhibit, Montana State Capitol Building, Helena, MT
“Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate,”originated by Tim Holmes., curated by Katrie Knight, Holter Museum of Art,
      Carroll College, Lewis & Clark County Library, Helena, MT. (group show)
“Who Gives All Gifts” monumental bronze memorial unveiling, Helena, MT
Award: Best Artwork for ”The 23rd Psalm”, New Media Film Festival, Berkeley CA 
Mar Elias University, Israel, fundraiser, Indianapolis, IN
“Flesh and Spirit”, Huneke Gallery, Spokane Art School, , Spokane WA
Body Psalms Workshop, University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT.
Body Psalms, Senior high youth camp, Flathead United Methodist Camp, Rollins, MT
“Metaphysical Maps”” The Aeronautics Portfolio, Helena Regional Airport
Hearts & Roses festival, Helena, Mt. (group show)
            Sentinelle, The Soul of America at War”, Holmes Studio and  Myrna Loy Center, Helena, MT
            Body Psalms screening, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.
            Costume designs and poster for the dance, "Song of A New Voice", Artisan Dance Theatre, Helena, MT           
            Body Psalms screening, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.


            "Alchemy and Transformation", Idaho Falls Arts Council, Idaho Falls, ID           
            “Artist, Forest, Community”, Montana traveling exhibit (group show)
            Body Psalms screening, Myrna Loy Center and HCTV, Helena, MT
            Body Psalms screening, Plymouth Congregational Church, Helena, MT
            Body Psalms screening, Flathead United Methodist Camp, Rollins, MT
            Artisan Dance Theatre, Myrna Loy Center, Helena, MT                       
            Scupture (“Art Walk”), St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Helena, MT
            A.L. Swanson Gallery, Helena, MT (group show)
            "Alchemy and Transformation", Liberty Village Art Center, Chester, MT
            Featured Artist, Butte Art Walk, Butte, M
            Body Psalms screening, Plymouth Congregational Church, Helena, MT
            “Poisonous Books”, Carroll College Gallery, Carroll College, Helena, MT
                        curated by Ralph Esposito
            “RMC Alumni Art Exhibit” (group show), Rocky Mountain College,Billings, MT, curated by Mark Moak           
            "Art in the Age of Terror”, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs,FL, curated by Barbara O’Keefe
            “Dangerous Books” Glasgow Public Library, Glasgow, MT
            Global JAS, Univ. of Montana, Missoula, MT; curated by Theresa Jacobs.
            “Tim Holmes Sculptures”, Masterpiece Gallery, Carmel, CA; 
                        curated by Mike DiPietro.
            "Art v.s. Terror: Balm for Bomb", Marriane Williamson's Church of Today,
                        Warren, MI; curated by Steve Yakush
            “Art and Faith”, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Delaware, OH;
                        curated by Colleen Hogan
            "Why Do We Have Bodies?", Main Stope Gallery, Butte, MT;
                        curated by Ray Campeau; 
            "Why Do We Have Bodies?", Holmes Studio, Helena, MT
            “Amima Mundi”, Union Theological Seminary, New York City, NY;
                        curated by Troy Messenger.
            "Art v.s. Terror: Balm for Bomb", Atwood Gallery, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN; curated by Carla Johnson
            Twin Totems Gallery, Spokane, WA ; curated by Melanie Rodd
            Janek Galleries, Coeur d' Alene, Sandpoint, ID           
            The Art Spirit Gallery, Coeur d' Alene, ID, group show curated by Steve Gibbs
            "Metalphors", Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT; curated by Steve Jackson
            "Transformations" Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell, MT; curated by David Eubank                                   
            Ecles Arts Center, Park City, UT           
            The Met Theatre, Spokane, WA           
            “Figure a la Naturale” Myrna Loy Center, Helena, MT,  group show
            State of the World Forum, San Francisco, CA curated by Helen Pollock           
            Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA; curated by Don Lawson           
            "The Spirit of Bronze", The Cathedral of St. John the Devine, New York, NY; curated by Jay Wegman
            "An Emergency of Joy", Christian Theological Seminary,  Indianapolis, IN, curated by Karen Kelm
            "Yard Art", Missoula Museum of Art, Missoula, MT            (group show)
            "Welcome Home", The National Cathedral, Washington, DC           
            "Chaos" (group show), Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell, MT;
                        curated by David Eubank           
            "An Emergency of Joy", Museum of Fine Arts, Univ. of Montana, Missoula, MT; curated by Dennis Kern
            “Deep in the Dance”, Carroll College Fine Arts Center, Helena, MT           
            American Federal Savings Bank, Helena, MT           
            Futura Lane Salon, Helena, MT                       
            "Visitation By the Muse", Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT; curated by Peter Held
            "An Emergency of Joy", Hennepin Ave. U.M.C., Minneapolis, MN; curated by Bill Mathis           
            Myrna Loy Arts Center, Helena, MT    group show
            "Metaphysical Maps" , Billings Studio Theater, Billings, MT; curated by Bonnie Banks           
            "Metals and More", Dahl Fine Arts Center, Rapid City, SD,  group show
            "Stories in Steel, Poems in Bronze, Expressionist Sculpture by Tim Holmes",
                        Sierra Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV, curated by Howard Spencer           
            "An Emergency of Joy", Robert & Gennie DeWeese Gallery, Bozeman, MT; curated by Mark Sullivan
            Myrna Loy Arts Center, Helena, MT,  group show
            "An Emergency of Joy", University of Montana at Dillon, Dillon, MT           
            "An Emergency of Joy", The Arts Chateau, Butte, MT           
            Myrna Loy Arts Center, Helena, MT,  group show
            Federal Reserve Bank, Helena, MT           
            "An Emergency of Joy", Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, curated by  Sergei Androsov and Nina Cosminina
            "An Emergency of Joy", Liberty Village Art Center, Chester, MT
            "The Creative Process",  Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA, curated by Steve Brooks
            Norton Center for the Arts, Danville, KY
            Museum of East Texas, Lufkin, TX,  group show           
            Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA, curated by Kay Greathouse           
            Gateway Gallery, Carmel, CA           
            Calvert Collection, Washington, DC; curated by Peter Calesante           
            Mont. State Bar Assoc., Butte, MT           
            Strole Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ            group show
            The University Club            Washington, DC           
            The Arts Chateau            Butte, MT           
            Cason Gallery            Helena, MT            group show
            Precious Stones            Anchorage, AK           
            Copper King Mansion            Butte, MT           
            Calvert Collection            Washington, DC           
            Ersaline Center            Great Falls, MT            group show
            First Bank            Helena, MT           
            Lewistown Art Center             Lewistown, MT           
            Waterworks Gallery            Miles City, MT            group show
            Rocky Mountain College            Billings, MT            group show
            Dahl Fine Art Center            Rapid City, SD           
            Religious Art Exhibit            Bozeman, MT            group show
            Castle Gallery            Billings, MT            group show
            Paul Mellon Art Center            Wallingford, CN            two-person show
            Sculpture World Gallery            Carmel, CA           
            Montana Inst. of the Arts            Touring Exhibit            group show
            Rocky Mountain College            Billings, MT           
            Billings Art Association            Billings, MT            group show

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