Body Psalms Project         The Future Body

-a multi-media art performance to encourage passionate presence

Body Psalms performances are site-specific events geared towards giving audiences a unique view of the value of the flesh by witnessing the power of  mystical poetic sculpture.

“Everybody has a story about their own body life.  
                    There is not a person on the planet without a dog in this fightt.”                         
-Tim Holmes

"Shikibu's House" dance featuring

 Tess Clearman

"Being a Body in the USA"- A history of the body image over 40,000 years

InIn Mirabai's Mountain the words “two flames” combine to form the word “one”

"Shikibu"s House" fan dance

"The Future Body" Project Statement

This one-of-a-kind performance, the most comprehensive presentation of the Body Psalms project to date, involves films, dance, comedy, a performing sculpture, drama im chorus and other live elements, compelling viewers to see their own bodies in new ways.

Each of us is a body immersed in a sensual world that's both painful and erotic. The flesh carries at once a spiritual, a sensuous and an economic value. In a capitalist culture increasingly governed by the ethics of pornography where nothing is too sacred to be exploited by amoral commercial forces, the body becomes the preferred currency, resulting in a devaluation of our own flesh. Religious tradition is as much to blame as the corporations that profit from it, as are each of us who willingly bypass the spiritual gifts of our incarnation to grasp after the easy, high-production image of a perfect body-life. Yet our institutions seem neither willing nor able to address this still largely unconscious disaster. As in global climate change, we are all subject to the effects while few are willing to make positive changes. Is it any wonder then that as individuals we are left confused and hurt by this terrible devaluation of our own flesh by a culture that we participate in daily but cannot control?

Body Psalms is a 12-year multi-tiered exercise in social engagement created by artist/philosopher Tim Holmes and designed to address "climate change on the inside" in a gentle, straightforward and celebrative form. It's an invitation to re-evaluate the flesh using a kind of video sculptural poetry as a metaphor to reach people wherever their lives have meaning– whether that be through traditional institutions or on the street– in a creative struggle to reclaim the value and meaning of the body, for individuals and for civilization.

Body Psamls: The Future Body, a live performance involving a cast and crew of 30 at the Myrna Loy Center, Helena, Montana.

"The First Story", a relational story-telling sculpture by Tim Holmes from Tim Holmes on Vimeo.

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"Blessing", danced by Tashia Gates.


Body Psalms performance prep

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