Ballet Stage Set: The Inquisition of Don Miguel

The Study

Cervante's Study
 acrylic and ink on muslin, 16 x 10 feet


acrylic and ink on muslin, 16 x 10 feet

One of my favorite recent commissions was for Ballet Montana, a professional company that attracts dancers from around the US and the world to work and perform each summer with ballet master Sallyann Mulcahy.

I was asked to create an enormous book that formed the background for the original ballet, The Inquisition of Don Muguel. This is a new version of the Don Quiote story by Michael Russell, zoomed out one layer to reveal Cervantes's relationship with Don Quixote, who, despite Cervantes's attempts to ridicule him, becomes the greater inspiration.

The book's 12 pages are each 16 x 10 feet. (The "world's largest book" is 5 x 7 feet). As the story unfolds the pages are flipped like the giant arms of a windmill, the open book taking up nearly the whole back of the stage, forming both the setting and becoming a character in its own right. 

Death scene


Sallyann Mulcahy and some members of Ballet Montana

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Intalling the book

Intalling the book

Hanging the panels.

The pages float gracefully like arms of a windmill.

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