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Blue Bills: Money for a clean world  

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For a full description of the Blue Bills project, go to BlueBills.us

Blue Bills

Blue Bills website tells the story of Blue Bills and how they work to create an economy based on a clean world.

Blue Bills are real money tinged blue; a means for people to express faith in the value of a strong community and a clean environment, the root of all wealth.
Blue Bills are just as legitimate as regular bills, but rarer.

They represent a very simple, non-confrontive way for individuals to change one of the most frustrating problems of civilization: the degrading effect of economic activity on nature and community!

It's not about finance, it's about freedom!

Dying your own bills blue is nearly as easy as making a cup of coffee!

All the material you need to proceed is available for free, just add your own bills. 

Go to the Dye Your Own page for full instructions and video tutorial.


Clean money
Susanna Nadia with Blue Bill

View the Blue Bills Portrait Gallery to find art photos of ordinnary citizens posing with their Blue Bills. These hi-quality images can be downloaded as printable artworks for free.

 TV interview with Tim Holmes about the Blue Bills project.

Hear the NPR radio news story May 11, 2013

Timeless art for troubled times

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