Cultural Illiteracy- Crisis of the Ecology of the Imagination

Lecture Synopsis:
The Enlightenment has been an unwavering 300-year march of progress in some areas. Ours is now a society of greater intellectual prowess and technological power than any other in history. But those tools alone are not enough to assure the survival of civilization.

Our future depends upon a deep and healthy capacity among the populace for imagination. The combination of a life made easier by scientific advances, the fruits of democratic government, and our increasing consumption of entertainment, makes for neglected imagination. Indeed without cultivation, our imaginations, so vital to the fluidity and flexibility of the human response, are in danger of atrophying.

We will discuss the increasing sources of psychic numbing in our world, signs of its influence, and the reasons why cultural illiteracy is so dangerous for the community. We will talk about the principles of maintaining a healthy imagination in individuals and communities. And we'll cover some practical tips for fostering imaginative health in our own lives.

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