Unfolding Flight

Unfolding Flight


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the Freedom to Create Leadership Award for Women

One day my manager Tess got a call from an organization in Singapore called Freedom to Create, to whom she'd submitted my name for an award for socially conscious art.  They had gotten over 2000 submissions from around the world and said weren't going to give me an award (for reasons that became obvious: most of their awards go to artists whose work actually puts their lives at risk!)  But they wanted me to create an award to give to the winners of a new prize for women.

I was of course extremely honored and said I would love to do the project!  My excitement was ratchetted up when it turned out that squeezed between their schedule and that of the bronze foundry I had one day to do the actual sculpture work!  Fortunately, despite other troubles, like the finished work being lost during express shipping, things turned out OK.

This year, the first award went to Dr. Cynthia Maung, who runs a health clinic for refugees on the border of Myanmar and Thailand, a very inspiring story.

Unfolding Flight -artist's statement

A young bird is totally unaware of the process by which its growth both prepares and compels it into a terribly rash act for an animal- leaping off into open space. That courage opens a new life for the bird carved out of its own inner nature.

For humans that flghtpath is not one of empty air but is rather a space pried open by the imagination, which wrests from a closed and opaque darkness clear vaults of possibility.

Seized with desire we forget all about how to do it or whether we can and simply leap. To our astonishment we've constructed wings out of our invisible viscera, a transformation that, in the words of poet Steve Palmer, pulls out of ourselves “the great height to leap into, in disbelief that we are not things of the sky.”


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Timeless art for troubled times

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