Dangerous Books series

The temptation to suppress frightening ideas is an equal-opportunity devil. Everyone with any moral character, regardless of their principles, sometimes desires to limit the traffic of certain ideas. Rare is the person who has enough faith in the public's thoughtful discrimination to willingly allow a volatile image or notion to be opened to others' scrutiny and consideration, though most of us believe ourselves to be capable of our own judgement and discretion.

The pieces in this series speak to both the power and the danger of ideas and of poetry. They might just as easily be the icons of the censors as symbols of the blasphemers, pornographers and hate-peddlers they hope to silence. Though we have had two hundred years to think about our First Amendment, we have yet to convince ourselves that freedom of expression is indeed a protection rather than a threat. And so we still struggle with the vital question: what, after all, is the real danger?

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