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We never ask for pain, but it can be one of the most powerful forces shaping of our lives. This chart speaks to the monument of pain in each life, and its potential to transform travail into compassion through the rigors and sadness of a difficult life, (which describes each life, does it not?) Painted on an actual topo map of a section of central Montana, this is the only one of the Metaphysical Maps series which is based on a real contemporary map. The reason I chose it is because the placenames tell the rich and painful history of the land, from "Choke to Death Butte", to abandoned schools and even an abandoned cemetary, the land remembers the tragedies that are long forgotten by the residents. 


Original was exhibited in the Hermitage Museum. Limited edition of 20 prints $150 each. Original painting also available at $2500

A Movement of Travail

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