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This Metaphysical Map is two artworks in one. Active Model: One of the central rituals of my art practice––akin to a musician playing scales to keep their chops up–– is drawing from the nude. This practice is something I've done regularly for most of my adult life. It not only keeps my hand and eye fresh, but some of my best works come out of the quick sketches that emerge. I've also become fascinated with a kind of psychotheraputical element that results from the interaction between two people that develops in this magical, insulated space, where both parties are really being their true selves in the presence of the strangeness of "the other". This map is a depiction of that interaction, with all its mythology, from the perspective of the artist.


Flippng the map over becomes The Science of the Nude. Both are about the experience of the encounter of the artist with the nude model. This map is done from the perspective of the model, while the other image is from the artist's perspective (which of course is much more familiar to me). What interests me about this encounter is that the ritual acts in a way like psychotherapy, allowing each party to access parts of their own unconscious that is hidden except in the presence of a reflective partner. In the case of nude modeling, both parties are exposed in equally profound and truthful ways, which can add up to a very powerful mutual encounter.


Limited edition of 20 prints available at $175 each.

Active Model/Science of the Nude

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