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Two thousand years ago, more valuable than even gold was iron, the metal of war. Even the smelting of it was a tightly controlled state secret. It is not unthinkable then to suppose that nobody got free iron nails. Not even the ones used to nail your son to the cross. Once the execution was over and the body buried, no doubt the family of the victim was charged with returning the nails to the ruling power.


It is a sad commentary on human history that through the ages the values of power and violence appear more important than those of beauty and love. Here it takes all of what Mary is to stand up to inhuman brutality. The nails identify those who choose power over love. But history proves that love prevails in the end.


Returning the nails becomes a symbol for a person's refusal to abandon their moral dignity in the face of overwheming power. - Returning the Nails™ Movement

[Click HERE for Tim giving an interview on this image.]
Two bronze versions of the sculpture exist: Endurance (21") $6500, and

Conviction, (14") $4200.

Returning the Nails: Endurance

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