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Apr. 2
Santa Cruz, CA

Tim teaches a one-day workshop in oil or acrylic painting, using the self-portrait as an entry to discovering a unique perspective.

Self Portrait as a Sailor
Oct. 13-16, Santa Cruz, CA

The Creator’s Art: A Vision for the FutureThrough Art, Psychology and Creativity

The creative individual is a source of evolution that can give birth to a new dawn of wholeness. How do we individuals access this potential?

Confluence 22 session

Tech, Art & Language address


Merlin CCC presents a symposium on addressing the future through philosophy, featuring Tim drawing the ideas of several presenters, including his own.


Dorsey Grocery in Helena
Mar. 15-18

Political satire on the strange developments in the Montana legislative session of 2023.

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 8.21.32 AM.png

Grief is what binds each of us into the greater human family. Using his art, Tim takes participants through the process of encountering the grief that is our own. Through Merlin CCC, enriching lives through philosophy.
Sept. 12 start

In this 7-week course in drawing the human figure from life, we'll practice imaginative seeing by simplifying the complex elements of the human form into a simple mannequin figure.

Confronted by an Angel
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