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The Psychologist and the Artist 

A Jungian Dialogue on Modern Alchemy; Aug. 4-6, Lake Eaton, NY

Creativity is the path in alchemy

Join us for an exclusive, intimate exploration of the unfolding of creative power through the techniques of alchemy, as introduced by Carl Jung. We'll be hosted by Bob Mannis at his home on Lake Eaton, for a weekend of exploration, discussion, contemplation and renewal in a beautiful environment.

Forest Lake

Dreams, synchronicity, mystery

The mystery superimposes itself upon us and wants to be articulated. How can alchemy informs us and enlarge our lives in the currently unfolding Aquarian Age?

A handful of us will spend a weekend on the lake, diving into the creative unconscious, turning our accumulated lead into gold.

White Structure

Bob Mannis

Bob’s 50 years of clinical practice has given him a valued perspective into the inner workings of individuals seeking a deeper meaning in life. He's done over 250 analytical hours himself. For his doctoral thesis he wrote a Jungian based interpretation of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. He helped found the Jung Society of Washington 45 years ago and was their first treasurer for 10 years. He's spoken to several Jung Society‘s, including the CG Jung foundation for Analytical Psychology in New York City. In 2016 he published Ars Nova: Understanding the Alchemical Mystery in the Age of Aquarius. Bob believes that understanding modern alchemy and the power of creativity in one’s life is vital to finding personal meaning in these difficult times.
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Dr. Bob Mannis & Tim Holmes

Bob the psychologist, and Tim the artist, collaborate to lead us on creative approaches to the problems of our times, when individual creative energy can further the betterment of the world.  Their use of the alchemical model of the contention of opposites can help the unfolding of the yearning soul.

Weekend Encounter

Using fairy tales, Bob finds the treasures that can help us navigate our own labyrinths and find the creative answers we search for in our lives. He asks, how does art inform and further that exploration?

Cost for the weekend and all incidentals is $1500 per person. Some scholarships available to those who need it.

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178 3 4 Moon Canyon.Fmy.jpg

Finding the Muse

Tim will introduce his life-altering discovery of his Muse, how She became central to his work and how each of us can relate to our hidden creative resources. How can the Muse help us thread our way through the corridors of the creative landscape to find meaning and transformation? How does art open us from the inside? 

Our Erotic Dimension

As a figurative sculptor Tim has special insight into the mystery of embodiment, touching on the "Erotic Crisis", (climate change on the inside), or the threats of AI (intelligence without a body). Our bodies provide the portal to nature. Can we begin to reclaim the value of our own flesh and thus re-sacralize the world?

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