Creative Fire, by Tim Holmes

It is a rare time in history when people get to go inward and reflect on a world-wide experience. Covid-19 brings us to such a time. Perhaps you have wondered, “How will the world change from this experience?” Or, maybe, “How have I changed?”

The Creators Art  focuses on the idea that the individual Self is the source of creative change. As we look to live deeply as our true selves, we celebrate and release that spirit in participants. We do this through mutual support, dialog, engaging in experiential arts, active imagination, ritual and play.

We experienced intensive sessions to discover our guiding spirit, to focus our love and hope, and to meet and collaborate with others.

 Confluence 22

June 10–13, 2022

Tim Holmes’ Studio

Helena, Montana

All sessions are viewable at our  YouTube channel.

Confluence 23

Contact us for an invitation for next year's Confluence, in Santa Cruz, California.


In these troubled times we often need help finding a greater meaning to our lives.

I've always been inspired by the work of founding father of psychology, Dr. Carl Jung.

As a scientist, he revealed the mysterious workings of the human spirit and gave us access to spiritual depths from a non-religious angle. For a person of faith like me, that only added a deeper dimension to my already-rich inner life. For others it may provide their only pathway to inner wisdom and a sense of personal meaning.


I've collaborated recently with a team of Jungian scholars to design a conference to help individuals find a sense of meaning and social purpose through the creative life.

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