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This bronze of a woman and man joined at the shins hangs improbably suspended above a marble base, with either the woman or man uppermost. For me it illuminates one of the most important invisible aspects of human existence: the revelation that psychologist Carl Jung revealed that psychically, we are all twinned characters from birth, exhibiting one gender in our outer lives and the other inwardly. My life in the world is lived out of my masculine nature.  But much of my life-work sounds the tones of a lover's dialogue with my feminine soul.  We are inextricably bound in this life-long duet, each of us, between soul and body, feminine and masculine, inspiration and action.  We can chose to live out this tension as conflict or as duet. Our choice will determine how we experience the tension between the two notes. There is nothing I do as a man that my feminine soul does not influence; there is nowhere I can go to escape its gravitation.  I can choose to ignore it and struggle against the tension, or I can work within its harmony in a state of confluence or alignment, signified by that strangely beautiful, visually intertwined word: syzygy


SKU: 0002
  • Two bronze castings remain from this limited edition of 25. Purchase includes a bronze suspension cable and a marble base to place beneath the bronze.

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