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One midnight while staying at Montana's Traveler's Rest park as a part of an artist-in-residency I walked out of the farmhouse/studio to visit the full moon. Much to my amazement I emerged into a magical scene. The clear, star-speckeled sky above was ringed by clouds, behind which the fat moon appeared and vanished among the silver-ringed clouds. I walked the path of the only identified campsite of the Lewis and Clark expedition bathed in this luminous moment, pondering the strange confluence of outer shapes arrayed about me with the inner mysteries of this historic place. I fully believe that the unconscious knows things that remain beyond the grasp of our conscious minds. Such was this experience, one that will haunt me for years to come. I don't know what the significance of this mystical revelation was, but my heart is in awe of a rare scene I was fortunate to witness that I cannot explain and that I will never forget.

A limited edition (20) print is availalbe for $95.
A digital download of this image is available for $15 from the studio.

Mystical Moon Bowl

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