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Our current crises are urgent. I keep thinking of this image of a couple of oblivious adults wasting their precious time fighting for dominance while the poor kids try desperately to focus their attention on what really matters. I am optimistic that we still have time to respond, but am horrified that the kids cannot get our attention!


We are poised in the very lip of catastrophe, though everything seems normal, just as it's always been. Here I try to put our moment in perspective. In "Held v Montana" I was present for the first of a number of cases to go to trial where 16 youth (5-22 years old) sued Montana for not protecting their constitutional right to a "clean and healthful environment". They won the case, marking a change in the climate change struggle.


I'm making this image available as a print for free. If you'd like a hi-rez file to print on your own, contact the studio. Or if you wish, send $25 (expenses) to receive a signed 11 x 17 print in the mail.


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