China Peace
bronzeht.: 20"/49 cm1989

When the tanks rumbled through Tiananmen Square in June 1989, it wasn't just the dissident students who suffered. It wasn't only the Chinese people who suffered. We all joined hearts in the Chinese students' movement for freedom. Soa week later when I was asked by the China Information Center to create a sculpture to celebrate the essence of the freedom movement, I strove to express a personal struggle as well as a global one.

I based my design on the Chinese characters of the ts'ao-shu, or "grass" calligraphy style which, being a loose, spontaneous style, expressed the lust for freedom most gracefully. This style guided me in projecting a three dimensional form from the two dimensions of the written symbols.

From the front one can make out the characters for peace, which reflect the Chinese dissidents' absolute devotion to non-violent resistance. From the side, these same characters become a leaping figure, expressing the Chinese quest for liberty within the context of the desire of all living beings to breathe free.

I feel very honored to have been a part of this project for the China Information Center. For me, this was an extraordinary opportunity to use my art to help those engaged in one of the largest struggles for human rights in the 20th century.

Tim presents the first sculpture in Wash.,DC

China Peace, commissioned to commemorate the 100 day anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, by the China Information Center, formed by Chinese dissident students who survived the massacre and escaped to the U.S. Castings of China Peace were sold to fund "the first fax revolution in history", in which photos of the massacre were faxed to random fax numbers throughout China to let the Chinese people know what really happened during that terrible June of 1989. Sculptures were also awarded to:

  • Li Lu, deputy leader of the Chinese Pro Democracy movement of Tiananmen Square, listed on the Chinese government's "most wanted" list, 1989
  • Vaclev Havel, President of the Czech Republic, 1990
  • Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, 1990

Tianenman Square massacre video

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