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There is a singular glue that unites every person, beyond historical or cultural place, into one greater human family. Suffering is our common song as well as our path to transformation, the strange fruit of crisis, without which true joy is beyond reach. 

So we each wrestle the dark angel who leaves us with both a wound and a blessing. As with the strings of a violin, it’s tension between opposite poles - body and spirit, Eros and Thanatos, feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang - that makes possible life's beautiful music.

The Creators Art
a Confluence of Art, Psychology and Renewal


Sherrie in Gallery

Our "Confluence 22" was a smash! You can find the archived videos of each session here.

Next year's Confluence 23 takes place at a mountaintop resort near  Santa Cruz, CA.

Analyst & Rabbi play

In nature you will never see a straight line, which appears only as the path of our wish to make our environment fit our desire for smooth fulfillment, totally devoid of inefficiency. But in truth everything meanders.  Besides, the closer you look, even the "straight lines" humans like to force on our materials reveal more of the living, breathing, wiggling nature that produced the material.  Sometimes the hand can reveal unevenness in sculpture, proving that our eyes fool us into false belief in straightnesses. 


It’s a book. It’s a comedy tour. It’s a social art project with a TEDx talk. It’s a way to reach out.

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"In stressful times, art gives us a path to self-discovery."  - Tim Holmes

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